St Werburgh’s Confirmations

Conducted by

The Bishop of Stafford

The Rt. Revd. Geoff Annas

On Sunday, 25th May at 4.00p.m. after several weeks of preparation, six candidates Lindsay, Emma, Millie, James, Shannon and James C. were confirmed by the Bishop of Stafford.

The candidates were all well known to the congregation of St. Werburgh’s.

It was lovely to see the church full of family, friends and supporters of the candidates. The bells were ringing and the choir were in attendance. The young daughters of 2 of the candidates were in the congregation along with grandparents and family members of all ages, so it was a great time of family celebration. The children were all pupils from St. Werburgh’s School and a teacher was a candidate, along with a leader from J.A.M. Bishop Geoff put everyone at ease and gave an amusing but thought provoking sermon. During the presentation of the candidates, Millie gave her testimony why she wanted to be confirmed. The candidates gave their responses in strong voices. When Bishop Geoff asked the congregation for their responses, these too were strong. Sue Hough led the Prayers of Intercession helped by James. The Bishop addressed the newly confirmed which was followed by the congregation applauding them. The exchanging of the peace was a joyous part of the service. Everyone in church wanted to exchange the sign of peace with the newly confirmed, who later received communion along with the people who had helped Reverend Carol prepare them for Confirmation. This was a very special moment for the confirmation candidates, one they will always remember. Bishop Geoff lit their candles and Reverend Carol presented them. The service ended with Bishop Geoff leading the Confirmation candidates through the church, carrying their candles. There was also an opportunity to take photographs.

After the service refreshments were served, including a special Confirmation Cake that had been specially made for the occasion. Everyone was able to chat to Bishop Geoff and his wife over cake and enjoy the celebration.


Two more candidates, Toni and Henry will be confirmed on 6th July at St. Michael’s Church, Chell.

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