Easter 2

J.A.M. and I.C.E. members worked hard to complete the Easter Display entitled ‘When I think about the Cross’. It was a “Jelly Bean” Cross. The differently coloured Jelly Beans were placed around the Cross with an explanation of what each one meant. Our Toddler Group made the daffodils for the display. We talked about seed growing – how Jesus was the seed that died and grew again.

Split into two groups, using strips of paper, we grew a plant from a seed measuring about seven metres down two of the aisles. Both seeds grew into completely different shapes. The children enjoyed working together, listening to each other and designing the shape the seed was to take. We also talked about Palm Sunday and made palm leaves to wave. A second palm leaf was made and we added words that described Jesus. Our worship continued with singing “We have a King who rides a donkey”.

Several members were able to attend the ‘Easter Cracked Open’ children’s activity service on Good Friday.


The meanings of the Jelly Beans

Red is for the blood he gave

Green is for the grass he made

Black is for the sins we make

White is for the grace he gave

Pink is for our new tomorrow

Purple is for his hour of sorrow

Orange is for the edge of night

Yellow is for the sun so bright


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