St. Werburgh’s Parent and Toddler Group


Easter 2



The Parent and Toddler Group have been discovering about “Jesus going to Heaven”. Several pictures of transport were shown to the children, a bus, a car, an aeroplane and a cloud. The children had to say which they thought was the way Jesus went to heaven. We decided that it was by cloud. Everyone became a cloud floating in the sky.

The children took part in the story. Each child was given a white balloon which represented an angel. Reverend Carol had a yellow balloon to represent Jesus.

Everyone else had coloured balloons to represent the friends of Jesus. Every time their characters were mentioned in the story the balloon was held up, until the story ended with Jesus disappearing on a cloud. We made cloud pictures using blue card with cotton wool and cloud mobiles. The mobiles had a large cloud at the top and cut outs of a star, sun, moon and a smaller cloud hanging from it, which the children decorated. Our next theme will be Pentecost.


Sophie has been back to church to relight her Baptismal Candle, celebrating two years since her baptism. Emma, one of our mums got confirmed. Families from Toddlers supported them both by attending these services.


New members are always welcome to Parent and Toddler, it is open to all parents and carers from all over the Benefice and we have members from the surrounding area. There is no charge.


We meet at Kingsley Village Hall during term time on Tuesdays 2.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m

We chat over refreshments, while the children play, have a Bible-based story, songs (including our own song with actions which we sing each week), prayers and craft.

The children learn new skills and everyone makes new friends.

The children contribute to the displays in church too!

If you know someone who would enjoy coming along, please tell them about us.

The excellent facilities at our Village Hall include off-road parking, disabled access, disabled toilet and a fully equipped kitchen.

There is plenty of room for the children to play inside the large, spacious hall. New members are always welcome to Parent and Toddler.

It is open to parents and carers from all over the Mid-Churnet Parishes and the surrounding area.

There is no charge for this community group.

Funding assistance from Your Moorlands Housing

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Examples of recent craft activities are below.

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