Good Friday Craft Activities

At 10 o’clock our guests started to arrive, slowly at first, then suddenly we heard the sound of excited voices as the door burst open and the children flooded in!

We had 27 children and 20 adults come into church, the youngest was 6 months old.

During the “Welcome” all the leaders introduced themselves and the craft they had at their table, before the serious business of Easter crafting got underway!


Cress Seeds to pot

Cakes to decorate with Easter designs

Easter Cards to make and Crosses to personalize

Easter baskets to construct and Foam Bunnies to draw clothes onto

Decorating the cress seed plant pots

Easter Bags to decorate and take everything home in


We had worship after the crafting. All the leaders took part. We asked what the children knew about Easter. We also used the J.A.M. and I.C.E. “On the third day He rose again”, display and Peter Johnson’s amazing ‘Stations of the Cross’ paintings as part of the service. The church was filled with the sound of children and adult voices singing “When I Think About The Cross”.  The instruments were passed around and accompanied the singing of “Jesus Love”. The 6 month old baby joined in shaking the sleigh bells. The service concluded with a prayer. The children were given Easter chocolates and a plastic egg containing a chick as they left church clutching their bags filled with homemade Easter goodies.


Thank you to everyone who helped in any way.


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