A Christmas Message from REV. Carol

Dear Friends

I do hope you will able to join us this year at one of our Christmas Celebrations. Amidst all the business, it is good to find space sometimes to reflect on the one whose birth we are celebrating; ‘Jesus Christ.’

The light of the Christmas Stable draws us once again from the chaos of life, to stillness where we find God and where love is born.

‘He came down to earth from heaven,

Who is God and Lord of all,

And his shelter was a stable,

And his cradle was a stall;

With the needy poor and lowly,

Lived on earth our Saviour holy’

I do hope you all have a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

All Good Wishes

REV. Carol.

Messy Church


St.  Mildred’s Church

Whiston, ST10 2JF

27th November

4.00p.m. – 6.00p.m.

We look forward to seeing you all again to do some craftwork, listen to a story, enjoy some music and meditation then lots of tasty goodies to end the afternoon.

The theme is Posada



11th December


Messy Church will be taking part in St. Mildred’s Carol Service.

Why not come along and take part?

You may discover a ‘Gift’ you didn’t know you had!


Everyone welcome



We do request that parents or carers stay with the children.


Please remember Messy Church in your prayers

Thank youmessylogo

Radio Stoke Morning Service

Radio Stoke will be visiting St Werburgh’s Church in Kingsley on the 27th of November to record two morning services. Come along and be part of this special occasion.

Start time is 11am.

Harvest Festival

harvest2016 treeAnd here are some pictures showing the parent and toddler group’s contribution to the Harvest Festival at St Werburgh’s.

June Pastoral Letter 2016

Dear Friends

Last week 6 of us from the Benefice spent 2 days on a course, along with

people from 3 other Multi- Parish Benefices. One vicar there had 10 parishes to

care for! The course was entitled, ‘Thrive’ and was led by the Church Pastoral

Aid Society. We were there, to try to discern and learn how ministry within

our Benefice could be done more efficiently and sustained long term with the

present limitation of staff.

Despite non of our group really having time to attend such a course we all

Thoroughly found it beneficial and discovered that we were of a similar ilk in

our thinking and our personalities, all of us were strongly task orientated and

focussed. Whilst others from the other groups stood around chatting, our

group were eager to get on with the work, pens at the ready. We have now

completed 4 days of what is a 2 year course, with 5 days still to complete.

What, you may be thinking, has any of this got to do with us? A good


The tradition of one parish served by one vicar, is increasingly being consigned

to the history books. We have no choice but to review what we are already

doing and reassess and review in our P.C.C.s what is working and what could

be improved. This may mean that there will need to be some change.

Already traditional parish boundaries in our Benefice are being crossed and

there are some members of our congregations who help other Churches who

struggle and that is good. Jesus said, ‘Be one with each other so that the world

may believe’ We on the course are trying to look beyond parish preferences,

to follow the command of Jesus in the way we minister.

Working over the Benefice will inevitably have some impact upon ministry in

each village. We as Churches can’t stand still as the culture around us changes.

Pentecost, which we celebrated recently was a pivotal event of change and

transformation. We want to thrive here in the Mid- Churnet Valley as we

endeavour to communicate in ways people understand, the Good News of

Jesus Christ.

Jesus said, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always to the very end of the age.’

Matthew chapter 28 verses 19and 20.

With My Love to you All