Easter Services (Mid Churnet Benefice)

April 6th St. Werburgh’s School Easter Service – St. Werburgh’s Church Kingsley – 9.30a.m.

April 11th- Stations of the Cross – St. John’s Cotton- 7.00p.m.

April 13th- Maundy Servic e- St. Werburgh’s Kingsley – 7.30p.m

April 14th- Good Friday- Childrens Activities – St. Werburgh’s Church Kingsley- 10.00a.m.

April 14th- Good Friday- Walk of Witness- Holy Trinity – Oakamoor- 10.30a.m.

April 14th- Watch at the Cross- St. Werburgh’s Kingsley – 2.00p.m.

April 14th- Readings and devotions- St. Mark’s Foxt – 7.00p.m.

April 14th- Music and devotions- St. Werburgh’s Kingsley – 7.30p.m

April 15th- Easter Saturday, Messy Easter Activities – St. Mildred’s Whiston – 2.00p.m.

April 15th- Easter Saturday- Service of LIght – St. Mildred’s Whiston – 7.30p.m

April 16th- Easter Sunday- Holy Communion- 8.00a.m. – St. Mark’s Foxt

April 16th- Easter Sunday- Holy Communion – 9.15a.m. – Holy Trinity, Oakamoor

April 16th- Easter Sunday- Holy Communion – 9.30a.m. –  St. Mildred’s, Whiston

April 16th- Easter Sunday- Holy Communion – 11.00a.m. – St. Werburgh’s, Kingsley

April  22nd – Fresh Expressions The CAF 4.00p.m. – St. Werburgh’s Kingsley


Messy Church At St Mildred’s Whiston

St. Mildred’s Church

Whiston, ST10 2JF


22nd January 2017

4.00p.m. – 6.00p.m.

We look forward to seeing you all again to do some craftwork, listen to a story, enjoy some music and meditation then lots of tasty goodies to end the afternoon.

The theme is ‘The Naming of Jesus’

We do request that parents or carers stay with the children.



Happy New Year!

A Christmas Message from REV. Carol

Dear Friends

I do hope you will able to join us this year at one of our Christmas Celebrations. Amidst all the business, it is good to find space sometimes to reflect on the one whose birth we are celebrating; ‘Jesus Christ.’

The light of the Christmas Stable draws us once again from the chaos of life, to stillness where we find God and where love is born.

‘He came down to earth from heaven,

Who is God and Lord of all,

And his shelter was a stable,

And his cradle was a stall;

With the needy poor and lowly,

Lived on earth our Saviour holy’

I do hope you all have a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

All Good Wishes

REV. Carol.